• Full day boutique winery tour (also available for two or more days trips)
  • Selection of family-run boutique wineries
  • Rioja village walking tour
  • Touring amongst vineyard landscapes
  • Customizable tour options

In Rioja wine region, wine runs  through our veins but in certain cases it is, also, a very important part of a family's heritage. The vineyard and the art of the winemaking is a legacy that has been passed on from parents to children through decades, even centuries. Every new generation has the difficult choice of deciding whether to keep the tradition or take the family wines to the next level taking advantage of the know-how inherited from their ancestors. This Rioja wine tour gives you the chance of getting to know, not only their wines, but the families’ stories.

We will visit a selection of wineries in which you will find, not only the invaluable knowledge gathered through generations, but the love from every family behind them. A nice walk around one the most important villages of the area and a lunch at, an also family-run, traditional restaurant will round off your Rioja wine tour .

Feel at home, like a member of the Rioja family.

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