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This is me, Celia, Sensum Rioja Tours is my personal project, my way of life, my passion that has become also my job.

I grew up in Rioja, discovering its wonders, enjoying the warmth of its people and learning to develop that true welcoming sense that characterises the Rioja wine region. My passion for traveling, history, arts and foreign languages drove me to study a tourism degree and, as soon as I hung my university diploma on the wall, I flew away! My stay in Ireland made my English fluent and ready to face the whole world.

Afterwards, I worked as a PR onboard for an international cruise company, where I had the chance to work with people from over 50 different nationalities and to visit hundreds of places: from Miami to Dubai passing through the Caribbean Islands, Scandinavia, Russia, Baltic and Mediterranean countries, North Africa, Turkey, Arabian Peninsula… I treasure those days: I built up a solid experience on customer care and communication skills, … and I got fluent in Italian too!

Back in 2008, and working for the Rioja wine tourism industry, I became passionate for wine and found out about the appealing projects of some interesting boutique wineries and small batch winegrowers, hard to find if you do not know about them. I have been learning, and still am, as much as I can about this land, its wine, gastronomy, history and heritage.

I quit my convenient job in one of the most important wineries in Rioja wine tourism sector, and obtained a La Rioja Official Guide License, determined to help you discover the Rioja region from its most authentic side: boutique wineries, artisan and organic producers, medieval fairy-tale towns, colorful landscapes; off the beaten track, to make you feel a part of the Rioja wine region.

Celia Cardero de Sensum Turismo


“Sensum”, for Latin language, means feeling and sense, that is what a trip should be about. You can take a Rioja wine tour or you can go further and discover Rioja in all its senses, getting to know its past through its history and its present through its people.

This is our mission, to take you by the hand to our Rioja beloved spots, involving you with the local environment, like only a friend would do.

To this end, we work with a net of boutique wineries, family run restaurants, artisan and organic producers and small entrepreneurs that reinforces the local economic structure.


Our vision is to make Rioja region globally known but preserving its original character by supporting local economy through the Rioja wine tourism.